Share Artikel Orang: THE TRUTH ABOUT LYING

Hyy hyy apa kabar semua?? Sekedar mau share nih artikel yang sang sangat menarik tentang mengapa alasan orang berbohong. sumber artikel ini saya dapatkan dari buku Interchange Third Edition, ditulis rame-rame oleh Jack C. Richards, Jonathan Hull dan Susan Proctor. Karena artikel berbahasa Inggris so terjemahkan sendiri saja yaa, heee .. Semoga bermanfaat guyz 😉

“Most of us are taught to believe that lying is wrong. But it seems that everybody tells lies—not big lies, but what we call “white lies.” If we believe that lying is wrong, why do we do it? Most of the time, people have very good reasons for lying. For example, they might want to protect a friendship or someone’s feelings. So, when do we lie and who do we lie to? A recent study found that the average person lies about seven times a day. Here are some ways and reasons why.

#1 Liye to hide something:
People often lie because they want to hide something from someone. For example, a son doesn’t tell his parents that he’s dating a girl because he doesn’t think they will like her. Instead, he says he’s going out with the guys.

#2 Lying to make an excuse:
Sometimes people lie because they don’t want to do something. For example, someone invites you to a party. You think it will be boring, so you say you’re busy.

#3 Lying to make someone feel good:
Often we stretch the truth to make someone feel good. For example, your friend cooks dinner for you, but it tastes terrible. Do you say so? No. You probably say, “Mmm, this is delicious!”

#4 Lying to avoid sharing bad news:
Sometimes we don’t want to tell someone bad news. For example, you have just had a very bad day at work, but you don’t feel like talking about it. So if someone asks you about your day, you just say that everything was fine.”


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